Nothing like going with your gut to do something unprecedented and finding out you were right after all the possible negative blow-back headed your way.
Sully is a story about a seasoned pilot named Chelsey Sullenberger (Tom hanks) who after just taking off and flying a few miles away from the airport experienced birds hitting the plane and crashing into the engines causing it to no longer provide thrust. He then decides to turn around to head back to the runway but makes a bold decision to land in the Hudson river because he determined that they would not make the trip back. After landing on the water, they were able to save all the passengers with no injuries. Following due process an investigation is ran to find out how or why this happened, which leads to the possible chance of Sully losing his life’s work after simulations of the same flight reveal different results. Not only did they say that one of the engines was still functioning but that he could have made it back to the airport with no issues.
At first sight of this trailer I thought that this was just caucasian version of Denzel Washington’s movie “Flight”. When you look at it it has the same kind of feel to it. In Denzel’s story he made the daring attempt to save everyone’s life by rolling the plane to make a crash landing in a field. In Tom Hank’s story he makes a daring attempt to save everyone’s life by landing the plane on icy cold water. Both were great pilots and celebrated but the major difference in these stories is that Denzel’s character was a lush and had no control at all over his drinking habits and was found drunk while flying. Sully was a clean and sober man that just made a questionable choice that deeply concerned the airline and the insurance companies so was also investigated. Tom Hanks as usual did not miss. His performance was as genuine as it could be. Aaron Eckhart masterfully played his first officer/co-pilot and added that necessary genuine friendship and key witness that helped you really root for Sully. He went through so much during this process that it made you want to hate the investigators as they were doing their job but yet seemed like they were accusers. He went through many judgment questioning thought processes and dreams that made start to question that maybe there was more to his initial story. As the story progressed you realize that this is so similar to what we all face or will face in our lives. Sometimes you have to do something that is so completely strange, unorthodox and not by the book to get a specific job done that you never know might be life changing or life saving. The doubts that he faced were real doubts that no one can fault him for having even after he did the “impossible”.  As the record shows, there are very far and in between crashes in water that people survive but in this case all 155 passengers survived. I really liked how at the end of the movie during the credits they showed the real Sully and some of the passengers that were on that flight to add the extra authenticity to the film. One thing director Clint Eastwood knows how to do is give a true story it’s authentic feel. The pacing was practically perfect along with the flashbacks that gave you more and more as the story unfolded. I really recommend this movie. Definitely one that keeps your attention the whole entire time.
4 1/2 out of 5 STARS

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