The Accountant

Smart, engaging and just plain cool to look at.

The Accountant is about a man named Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) who has a form of autism that makes it to where he likes to focus on one thing and has issues leaving a task incomplete. Growing up he and his brother were part of a family that moved around because of his army dad. After their mom quit the family, the father was left to raise both boys by himself. The father being a person who would not take “autism” as a weakness and be treated by typical medical standards, trained both his boys to focus on tasks and did not shield his special child from the harshness and the loud noises of this world. He trained them in martial arts, lessons in life and mental strength. Later after Christian grew up, he although still learning to adjust in the world learned how to use his talents in a very focused profession dealing with numbers as an accountant. He was so good to where it was supernatural and took his accounting further to actually handling big clients that were less than reputable and practically criminal. He starts to gather attention which sparks an investigation that has been years in the making trying to find out who this mystery accountant was. He also apparently has learned how to be a deadly shot as well.

This movie was so well done! This movie takes you into how the label of autistic can either weaken you or make you focus on how gifted you actually are when you are able to apply yourself toward tasks. Ben Affleck did an on point job as he played the Accountant. He had the lack of personality, the tenacious behavior of wanting to stay focused on his work and the disappointment of not completing his task down to the core. The young Christopher was spot on and believable as well. Anna Kendrick was a nice touch as she played a very valuable part in the movie for Christopher. There was so much to take from this movie and the relationships that developed and ended. Your attention was kept the entire time as you watched the plot unfold, the action which was exceptional and the chemistry between all the characters. J.K. Simmons was excellent as he played the agent dedicated to bringing down the Accountant. Props to Cynthia Addai-Robinson whom I’ve only seen as Amanda Waller on Arrow, as she played the eager young analyst who gets brought in on this case to help J.K.’s character. Jon Bernthal does it again with his natural delivery for every character he portrays. The movie will hit you on so many levels and you can take so much away from it. The focus that was given to Christian even though the methods of the father were very questionable proved that “autism” is just a label and that very label can and will cripple you. Proper attention and dedication can do wonders to the seemingly untameable mind. I am a huge fan of the martial arts training he had the boys go through to focus their anger, energy and their mind. It was indeed rough and not all I agree with but it showed the dedication and oddly enough the love he had for his son to help him not be a victim in life. The results were sound and beneficial but of course there must be a balance. You don’t want your kids to grow up and become killers afterwards. 

Definitely collection worthy!

4 3/4 out of 5 STARS


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