Doctor Strange

Mystics, martial arts and just plain ol wonder.
Doctor Strange follows a very talented and very self absorbed neurosurgeon who gets into a car accident and ends up damaging his hands in such way that his career as a steady handed neurosurgeon is no longer possible. He goes through his money to undergo several surgeries trying to find solutions to make his hands strong again but it ends to no avail. He then learns about a monestary where he can gain treatment for his ailment but finds so much more.
This was a great ride. Marvel Studios has done it again with the proper casting and the storyline to match. All actors were a credit to this project in every scene. The graphics and action were amazing and stunning to see. The great thing about this movie is that they didnt try to simplify and explain magic with science. They kept it as it should be. They left you in a state of wonder and awe. It was also great that they put in a decent amount of martial arts in there. There is nothing more boring and disappointing than seeing folks hurling magic at each other in close combat without some sort of well done or at least decent display of fisticuffs. That being said, Scott Adkins did his thing. This will also most definitely put you in the mindset of Inception but will take you way way beyond that.
Benedict Cumberbatch truly embodied the character Stephen Strange from the arrogant doctor to the doubtful turned believing apprentice in the magic arts. Rachel McAdams who is always a pleasure to see gives genuine support as her character gets dragged into some mystic activity.  It was cool to see Chiwetel Ejiofor bring out some of his skills from his early work of Red Belt. Mads Mikkelsen played a great villain or subject being used by Dormamu. He has a knack for being mysterious and delivering sinister. Special shout out to Stan Lee cause you know he’s in there. The controversy of Tilda Swinton playing The Ancient One was well warranted but her portrayal did not damage the role or affect the movie in a negative way at all. She did great as I knew she would. I of course like others wanted an Asian actor but like I said, it still worked out. At least Black Panther will be full out casted accurately for sure.
Definitely a must see as it of course continues the expansion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are two end credit scenes. By this time if you still have to wonder about staying till the end of the credits of a Marvel movie, you are just lame and need to fix that. For real!
Looking forward to the next installment.
4 3/4 out of 5 Stars


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  1. As Always Great Work, An amazing and well written piece that has me in even more anticipation of seeing this movie!
    Thank you


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