The cost of war, being a spy and falling in love with one.
Allied follows two agents who have never met before and are both now set to team up to kill an important and threatening German target. They must form a believable husband and wife relationship to the fool the snoops around them as well as the important high society individuals that are close to their target. After the mission they start an actual real life marriage and family from falling for each other in the field. Some years later after receiving a call, Max Vatan (Brad Pitt) is now faced with information from his superiors that his wife Marianne Beausejour (Marion Cotllard) is possibly a German spy. He must now find out if he has a traitor to his country and house in his own castle under the orders from his higher ups and insurmountable evidence stacked against her.
The chemistry between Marion and Brad was equisette. The movie and their relationship reminds you of Mr. and Mrs. Smith but with a more serious and charming tone to it. Marion is always a beauty and such a joy to watch. Brad does what he does best and plays the reserved leading man that counters Marions character brilliantly. The story takes its time in developing their relationship as the plot thickens and their dangerous situation becomes more evident. It has a nice subtle rise of suspense and thrill that keeps your attention all the while taking its time to supply a worthy plot in the espionage department as well as solidifying their romance. Brad Pitt is absolutely convincing and does what any normal, loving husband does as he struggles with the weight of the unsurety that he is facing while a “Blue dye” as they call it is ran on his wife. Not only that but it showed the life that people in that time of war had to live. I mean they never knew when some type of air raid would occur at night or if some bombs might drop unexpectedly. Not only that but Max was still a soldier who took on missions. This was a story that showed true love and the prices you are willing to pay for that sake. Stellar performances from all. Allied may not be a popular must see get out of the house movie, however if you do make your way to the show to see it you will not be disappointed. Emotional, thrilling, sad and valiant.
3 3/4 out 5 Stars

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