Assassin’s Creed

Another video game movie gone wrong!

Okay so Assassin’s Creed is a movie rendition of a video game that deals with an organization that wants to rid man of it’s disease that causes violence. They want to rid man of their ability to have free-will. In order to do that they look for the Apple of Eden which is suppose to be a road map to the root of man’s transgression to the world. Finding this will cause them to have ultimate control and eliminate free-will from all mankind. This device is protected by a group called the Assassins in Spain and has been protected for centuries. The organization researches the Assassins and find the last one who had their hands on the Apple. They then track down the descendant of that assassin. They then hold him hostage to help them find the Apple through a machine that lets the user travel back in time in their mind on the pathways of their DNA to “embody” their ancestor. This allows them to see and experience everything their ancestor did in the past. The organization believes that his descendant Aguilar will end their search.

They premise seems cool but was still confusing in exactly how they were going to complete this mission. The plot was really vague in how they were going to use the Apple. Not only that but action sequences were nowhere near worthy of the hype the news of the movie gave us. The game features martial arts, crafty techniques, parkour, acrobatics and fancy weapon utilization. We got less than half of that. No offense to Michael Fassbender who is a good actor but he does not pull of martial arts very well. They catered to that fact blatantly. They would have done much better casting Scott Adkins who can do ALL of those moves with no issue. Having said that the movie was Gahbage! I haven’t played the game but have seen very cool footage of it that gives you the warranted expectation of greatness from this movie. You can imagine those who played the games having such expectation as well. I mean there were no cool stunts to think back on or any cool display of expert weaponry to make you want to give it a double play. They also kept doing way too many flashes from past to present. They spent too much time showing you Michael connected to that stupid machine versus just staying in the past to help us enjoy the environment of the past. Let us transport and stay the majority of the movie in the past with the main character where the real or shall I say the more interesting story lies. Now the acting was okay. There was no bad acting. Every actor did all they could with what they were given. Michael and his no athletic self did his best (I guess). Michael Kenneth Ellis played an interesting part but was still not someone who delivered in the martial arts department. I may sound picky but when a movie has a character or characters that are heavily skilled in fighting, I want to see just that. I mean we had folks in the Matrix who had no martial arts back ground pulling off moves that impressed us. It’s now 2016 and all we get is a white belt kata display. Marion Cotillard and Jeremy Irons were of course spot on as well. As far as that machine goes, I wish they had followed what the game did and just kept the character in one spot with a helmet on him versus having him move around swinging at the air trying to give us a cool effect in the present world.

All the thumbs down on this one. Don’t waste your time even on a matinee or super bargain ticket. Not worth coming out the house for.

2 1/2 out 5 STARS





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