Sleepless (Sloppy)

Deception, crookedness and just plain no point.
The story is about a cop who gets caught up in a job gone wrong and ends up crossing hairs with the wrong people. While he and his partner tries to rob someone of their drugs they get blindsided by another group who comes at them with heavy artillery. He later inadvertently gets his son involved as they kidnapped him as a ransom for the drugs. He now has to find a way to get the drugs back to them, save his son and still complete his mission as an undercover cop.
The dialogue at times was pretty poor but was good enough for the story at hand. The acting as well was not that great but again for the story that played out it was good enough. It was different seeing Michelle Monaghan playing the tough girl role but she handled it pretty well. The movie has a touch of suspense and mystery but lacks a certain level of intellect in carrying out the plot. Quite a few things they did also seemed highly implausible and weak. It’s almost as if the actors in this movie needed something to do and took this role because they were just bored. Very physical role for Jamie which is pretty cool for him. Nice to see him still getting active. All the actors honestly did the best they could with what they had. You really couldn’t ask much more from them. Especially T.I. You don’t usually expect much from him acting wise. Remember Takers?
Why this movie was called Sleepless I have no real clue. Sloppy would be a better word for it because that’s how the story played, sloppily. It honestly got worse and worse as the movie went on. You expected the twist to be somewhat what you expect but it never concluded and raised more questions. It’s almost as if they didn’t understand how to close the story out so instead they left it open like it deserved a sequel or something. I see no reason or any sign of this movie getting some kind of sequel or anything to follow it up. It was a very pointless story that I believe wasted talent. So much more could have been done with this. The trailer makes movie look so good and interesting. On the contrary, it was lame, pointless and leaves you pretty empty and disappointed.
2 1/2 out of 5 STARS

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