Cerebral but not too deep. Creepy but nothing to weird you out and get this, there was no twist. What?!! I know right!
The movie follows a guy named Kevin who has 24 personalities that he has developed within him. Neither personality knows what the other is thinking but can interact with each other. Kevin has 2 dominate personalities that seem to protect him and make sure the plans of the 24th personality comes to fruition.
Kevin controlled by the personalities decides to target those whom he deems as “unpure” for his twisted purpose. The “unpure” are those who seem to have the easiest life with no sign of hardship, trial or tribulation. From the trailer it shows you that he kidnaps 3 girls for the twisted plan and holds them until the 24th personality (The Monster) emerges.
McAvoy was brilliant. I mean he was all in and carried each personality flawlessly. He carried the accents, cadences of speech and mirations seemingly with ease. Bravo to James because that showed his versatility like never before. James seems to gravitate or be a magnet to these roles where it involves cerebral content or characters. We already know he is Professor X in X-men but he also played a character in Trance where he dealt with hypnotism as well. Every other actor played their role believably and were as expected. Anya Taylor-Joy (Casey) who played in Morgan is becoming a rising star with a bright future. Her performance in this was nothing spectacular but like I said, it was as expected considering the focus was more on James. Special recognition to Betty Buckley who played the psychiatrist that handled Kevin. If it wasn’t for her character the story would have had no real depth nor would we have had the answers that we received, even though all weren’t answered. Those sessions they had were pivotal to the storyline. Another special shout out to the cute little girl, Izzie Coffey who played 5yr. old Casey in the flashbacks. The flashbacks at first seemed pointless but then reveals the purpose as the story goes on to give her the necessary depth that helps in the conclusion of the movie.
I have to admit that this movie was not GAHBAGE! It kept you interested really because of McAvoy but the story was not bad. It could have been better because I will say I left out wondering “what the heck, man?” As I said in the beginning there was no twist but it left you with a connection to another movie he did 15 years ago that makes you wonder why. It’s almost as if he wants to start his on cinematic universe. It would indeed help his comeback as a bankable director/writer because we all know his stuff for the last decade have been such a stain in cinema and just a mind boggler of how it still continues to happen. This one was actually a step in the positive direction although the ending was still pretty poor.
Not bad, not bad. I’ll give it 3 out 5 Stars for having such a great display of acting and cerebral content.

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